In the intricate tapestry of a student’s academic journey, transitions represent pivotal moments that can significantly shape both their educational experience and personal growth. Whether moving from one school to another or ascending to a higher grade, these transitions carry profound implications for academic performance and socio-emotional well-being. This article delves into the nuanced dynamics […]

When can you expect to hear your baby’s first words and how you can encourage speech development in your baby or toddler? It’s another wonderful moment: The first time your baby looks up and says “Mama!” Perhaps they are just practicing their “m” sounds, but this is another step toward “Mommy, I love you” all […]

Figuring out what is important, allows us to focus and live the lives we really want. When we think about money and being young parents, we often get stuck in the “stuff I think I need” mindset: “I now need a new car and bigger house, a good running pram and all of these new […]

“There was no conflict, when you pushed and I lay down. There was no argument when you took and I gave. There was no battle when you always won at my loss. We could not collide when I chose to give way. There is never a contest between giver and taker. We could have stood […]

Parents need to do more to protect their kids from the growing number of online threats, but many currently lack visibility of the dangers their children are facing. New global research from Kaspersky Lab reveals that only a quarter (26%) use parental control software to help restrict their kids’ activity online. Worryingly, among those parents […]

Auditory processing has become quite a buzz word amongst school teachers and therapists recently. And rightly so, as it is often under-identified or misdiagnosed as attention deficit disorder or bad behaviour, due to poor listening skills. What is Auditory Processing? Auditory processing is “what the brain does with what the ear hears” (Katz, 1994). In […]

It takes perseverance to steer and guide the child throughout their childhood. Iron-clad skin is a must, along with the ability to exhibit extreme effort in most circumstances. Demonstrating an endless capacity to forgive, and to be dependable twenty-four seven are definite qualifications. We cannot omit a limitless time for talking and listening and patience […]

Ever had one of those uncomfortable experiences when a relationship with someone in your family that suddenly goes bad without warning? What about the incidents that catch you totally off guard when you receive an email, phone call or letter, informing you that they are ending the relationship because of something they claim you did […]

The term ergogenic aids derives from the Greek words ergon (work) and genes (born), and mean any way of improving energy production. Competition is intense in the athletic world, and it can be hard to avoid the lure of sport supplements that promise improved physique and enhanced performance. A recent study revealed that 98% of […]