Does this sound familiar? “Joshua, it’s time for dinner…” No answer. Is he ignoring me? Or maybe he didn’t hear me…? Maybe I should get those ears checked… When is it worthwhile taking your child for a hearing test? Perhaps you recall your child had a hearing test at birth. Or perhaps there was so […]

When can you expect to hear your baby’s first words and how you can encourage speech development in your baby or toddler? It’s another wonderful moment: The first time your baby looks up and says “Mama!” Perhaps they are just practicing their “m” sounds, but this is another step toward “Mommy, I love you” all […]

One minute they are crying, the next they are conversing!  Communication development begins at birth. From the time your precious newborn gives their first cry, they start learning all about language, communication, and connecting with the world around them. Babies have “conversations” through their cries, facial expressions and body language long before the arrival of […]

A study in Paediatrics suggests that some noise machines can produce sounds so loud that they could potentially damage infants’ hearing and auditory development.  If SIDS isn’t scary enough! Now we are potentially damaging our children by playing them white noise?  As with all things baby, we thoroughly believe that white noise should be approached with a balanced […]