According to the World Health Organisation, about 10% to 13% of women experience antenatal and postnatal depression globally, while in most developing countries the condition affects 20% of mothers. In stark contrast, more than 40% of South African women suffer from the condition. Shouqat Mugjenker, Mental Health Portfolio Manager for Pharma Dynamics says no woman […]

According to the study Growing Up Online – Connected Kids, conducted by Kaspersky Lab and iconKids & Youth, cyberbullying is a far more dangerous threat to children than many parents think. The consequences for the majority of young victims of online harassment include serious problems with health and socialisation.   Cyberbullying is intentional intimidation, persecution or […]

“Reaching the desired area, The blade hesitates, quivering, Then slicing slowly, meticulously Into the soft, awaiting flesh. The wound gapes, Smiling at how it has relaxed the skin.” This was the poem I wrote when I was your age, going through something like what you are going through now. I know it feels like nobody […]

The realities of teen loneliness, depression and suicide attempts in South Africa By Janine Shamos “There’s no point to this hell called life is there? It never gets better! No-one understands how I feel. They think I’m making it up – just being dramatic and looking for attention. I’ve had enough…”For many teens suffering from […]

Discovery Health and SADAG (South African Depression and Anxiety Group) are proud to announce they will be holding a one day workshop on ‘Making Mental Health Matter” facilitated by the world renowned CBT (cognitive behavioural therapist) expert Prof Stefan Hofmann in both Johannesburg (4 November) and Cape Town (6 November). We would like you to nominate […]

The classic picture of depression is someone who doesn’t eat enough, doesn’t sleep enough and loses weight. But according to Patrick Holford, world-renowned nutritionist and director of the Brain Bio Centre in the UK, they are seeing more and more patients who are gaining weight, feel tired all the time, crave carbohydrates and experience rejection […]

by Stephanie Harel “For 2 years, Johnny, a quiet 13-year-old boy was a human play-thing for some of his classmates. The teenagers badgered Johnny for money, forced him to swallow weeds and drink milk mixed with detergent, beat him up in the restroom and tied a string around his neck, leading him around as a […]