Extensive research has been done to show the amazing results of praise.  It can motivate both adults and children to perform exceedingly well, but to do it for the goal of obtaining the praise, not for the joy of achieving or the pleasure of the activity.  I first learned of the term ‘praise junkie’ when […]

Asking Questions.  Our children are smarter than we give them credit for.  We are so worried that they are not going to do what is right, or we are in such a hurry that it just seems easier to give our children marching orders.  But asking them questions is a far more effective teaching tool. […]

  First Comfort the Victim.  The next time you witness younger children fighting or hurting one another, your first response should be to comfort the victim without pity or drama.  If possible, you should also include the aggressive child in comforting of the victim.  Ask him to retrieve a cloth, a blanket, or even a […]

I’ve been working with parents and other caregivers for over 20 years, helping them find solutions to their children’s challenging behaviors. The adults who come to me want to know what to do about the behavior and providing them with easy-to-apply solutions is my ultimate goal.  To get there, I ask the caregivers a series […]

One day in 1994, my 9-year-old daughter called me at my office to tell me that she had left her lunch money at home again and needed me to bring it to her. This typical forgetfulness by my children was quite annoying but something I thought I was supposed to resolve as a father.  On […]

“Joshua, it’s time for dinner…” No answer. Is he ignoring me? Or maybe he didn’t hear me…? Maybe I should get those ears checked… When is it worthwhile taking your child for a hearing test? Perhaps you recall your child had a hearing test at birth. Or perhaps there was so much going on that […]

Have you or anyone you know ever created something strange?  As reported by,  Dutch artist Olaf Mooij created a vehicle called the Braincar.  This strange looking car has what looks like a giant brain on top of it and sports a video camera that captures video as he travels around during the day.  Olaf […]