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The Twistshake Mini Click Mat is a revolutionary piece of feeding equipment every parent simply needs to own. This is attributed to its brilliant design and baby friendly features. Read on below now to find out everything you need to know about the Twistshake Mini Click Mat and why you should make this a part […]

The Chicco Easy Lunch Booster Seat is a simple yet effectively designed mobile feeding solution.  When dining out or simply put at the dinner table, you can quickly have your little one right next to you in no time!  This chair is easy to use and has a double hook on system ensures that baby […]

My children simply did not fit into the mainstream schooling system. They’re both very bright and along with that come some eccentricities that often get  labelled as problems within a very structured environment where children are expected to be alike, fit within the system and not stand out or cause waves. My ten year old […]

Pregnancy is one of the most life-altering experiences for a woman. Pregnancy Awareness Week takes place from 10 to 16 February to strengthen pregnancy education and stress the important issues that promote a healthy pregnancy and safe motherhood1. This year Life Healthcare is focusing on educating women about gestational diabetes. Pregnancy can result in various […]

Managing a baby’s portion control can be tricky, especially if you are a new parent. However, this can be made easy if you have the right equipment in your feeding arsenal! Take a look at why portion control is important for your child, and how to get it right with the perfect plate. Developing Healthy […]

How many times have you been out for dinner, or to a picnic, only to find that baby has nowhere to sit whilst eating?   Most parents can relate, socialising and traveling with small children is not always easy.  Chicco offers an incredibly efficient, convenient and cost effective way to ensure maximum safety whilst enjoying […]

Oneaid focuses on preventing and reducing the risk of childhood injuries. Through blog posts and social media Oneaid offers you, as parents and caregivers, useful information and helpful tips on how to keep your little ones healthy and safe.  OneAid by Dr Carmen Becoming a parent is one of the most challenging and liberating experiences […]

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