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Tips to ensure that baby andyou get a good night’s sleep Many parents must find themselves wondering where the idiom ‘sleeping like a baby’ comes from, considering the hours of crying, feeding and frustration that usually make up the night time norm. The good news for sleep-deprived moms out there is that there is a […]

Being a parent is the toughest job on the planet! Besides ensuring that your children are cared for, loved and that their emotional and physical needs are met, the very act of being a parent makes YOU, your children’s first and longest-standing teacher! Cindy Glass, Director and Co-founder of Step Up Education Centres says “It […]

“Emotions are important and can determine the kind of behaviour your child displays,” advises play therapist and Clamber Club Expert Anna Rodrigues. “A young child does not have the language to tell what he is feeling so his feelings come out in his behavior,” she adds. A child who feels angry for example could be […]

By 1Life You’ve finally taken steps to confirm the reason behind your weird cravings, unexpected emotional outbursts, the fatigue as well as all the other unusual things that have been happening to your body of late and so begins the journey towards motherhood. One moment you only had yourself to worry about, and now you’re making […]

Oops ‘My Sports Bag’ is one of the most popular bags for young toddlers who are just starting to develop some independence and may need a bag to include a swimming costume, towel and maybe a snack. A practical, zipper opening, water-resistant bag that is spacious enough to carry your little one’s sporting gear or […]

You want your children to be productive during their school holidays, so you browse around for a good holiday program. However, the cost of a good sleepover holiday camp seems exorbitant. You wonder how the majority of American parents can afford to send their kids to summer camp for the entire school holiday, every year. […]

STE(A)M educational specialist, I-Innovateis bringing another 21stCentury learning programme to South Africa to open up opportunities in our under-served school communities for learners to develop the talents and skills that are sorely needed in the Digital Age.  This month, Grade 3 to 7 learners from Heideveld Primary School and their families can step into the […]

Who Are We? Capriccio! Arts Powered Pre-School is a registered Montessori inspired ECD independent school in Milnerton. The Italian wordcapriccio has two interpretations: A lively piece of music; short and free in form. A painting or work of art representing a fantasy or a mixture of real and imaginary features. Both of the above interpretations […]

Wooden toys always hold a sense of nostalgia about them.  Well crafted, old-fashioned toys that the generations before us enjoyed in many countries are now quite rare.  Oops has held onto the traditional European love of the wooden toy and ensured that children of today still get to enjoy building, playing and learning with the […]

Because aftercare shouldn’t be an afterthought. While pre-primary and primary schools are regulated in South Africa, after-school care is not. This has led to everyone and anyone running after-school care programmes, which can often result in an unstructured, unsafe and an unhappy environment for your child. In response to this, Janine Hammond, mother and entrepreneur, […]

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