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When a child suffers from low self-esteem, it will almost always carry on into their adulthood if not addressed. Simple things such as meeting new people can be very difficult, as well as taking on challenges, valuing their own opinion and much more. It is so important for parents to understand just how crucial healthy […]

Stepfamilies are very common in today’s world. However, the complications can be numerous and it can be a significant amount of time for everybody to adjust to their new set-up. Relationships with new partners have to be negotiated as well as relationships with ex-spouses, one’s own children and the children of one’s new partner. Psychologists […]

All too often I hear parents trying to repress their anger around their kids. Now this is not only unhealthy for you (repressed emotions actually create illness within the body) but it is also not great for your kids to grow up believing that some emotions are simply not ok to have. All emotions are […]

Parents generally see their children as wonderful gifts from the heavens but children don’t always see each other in that same light.  They first see their primary caregivers, and the love and attention they get from them, as a limited commodity.  They then see their siblings as competition for that love and attention and sometimes […]

One of the scariest things for all parents is the reality of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). SIDS is the unexplained, unexpected death of a baby who is less than one year old. Because it usually occurs when the infant is sleeping, it is sometimes called “cot death”. What catapults SIDS into pole position in […]

If you have a shy or timid child you know that it can sometimes tug at your heart-strings and be pretty painful. You have so many hopes and dreams for your child and want to wave that magic wand and make all the discomforts and problems disappear. Unfortunately, it is not so simple. I have […]

Babies can have fun with books long before they know any words, and they’ll also be picking up skills they will need later when they begin learning to read. Even small babies love listening to the sound of your voice as you share books cuddled up together, and they soon come to associate reading with […]

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