Monthly Archives: May 2016

The onset of adolescence is a very challenging time for both teens and their parents. It is a time that is marked with rapid changes, and it is also when many expectations are placed onto teenagers – academic and sporting responsibilities, social pressures, the development of self identity and emerging freedoms. With increased independence come […]

All around the world famous landmarks have been lit up with blue lights – a great way for the world to notice that autism is real, it impacts more people than we can imagine and there is still so much to learn about the condition. Ask any parent, adult, sibling or adolescent living with autism, […]

Our whole life revolves around relationships. In fact we were born to be in relationships and to have a connection with others – we are social animals by nature, we need to be social to survive and society determines our human personality. We start off our life in a relationship i.e. our parents are in […]

A book is a dream you can hold in your hand. Last year the UNESCO Institute for Statistics stated that global literacy rates were rising but despite the gains, 774 million adults (15 years and older) still cannot read and write and two-thirds of them are women.  Among the youth, 123 million are illiterate. The […]

Having been homeschooled myself I remember how my mom was always making her own worksheets, writing and drawing and then making copies. She would have loved to have had access to this great website where learning is made so easy! If you want your child to be more enthusiastic and excited about school, look no […]

Thanks to busy schedules, various extra-murals and other social appointments, kids spend a lot of time on the road, and many families rely on additional help to get everyone to their activities on time. How can you be assured of your kids safety when picked up by anyone but yourself? 1. Keep your kids informed […]