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Baba Tasha Speaks Afrikaans

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“Wow, this is the perfect opportunity to help my little girl with her Afrikaans!”  This, the reaction from an excited Parenting Hub reader, who was asked if she could let her little girl ‘test’ Baba Tasha and give us her unbridled opinion.

Whilst Baba Tasha is recommended from age 2 up, our little ‘test driver’ is 6 years old and just experiencing a new language at school.  The opportunity to take Baba Tasha and play and interact with her, was a perfect fit.

The feedback that we got was “Baba Tasha was the best thing that my little girl could have received.  At first she didn’t understand everything that she was saying, but that didn’t last long.  The fact that she had so much fun playing with Baba Tasha, meant that she didn’t even realise that she was honing her Afrikaans language skills at the same time, and that meant a lot to me.”

Baba Tasha is able to speak 50 different phrases such as “Ek is baie lief vir jou”, “Mamma, tel my asseblief op” and “Ek wil nou bietjie slaap”.  Over and above this, she comes with a spoon, fork and baby bottle, so that your little one can enjoy many happy hours interacting with her, playing her pretend games and learn at the same time!

It’s no secret that little girls love to play with dolls.  This affords them the opportunity to learn social skills, especially when other children are included in the game.  Through using their imaginations, dolls which act as props, can enhance your little ones’ playtime experience.  And when they play together, children learn how to problem solve, share and negotiate conflict in a secure, fun and safe way.  Isn’t this what all parents want for their children?

Baba Tasha wasn’t designed to specifically help children learn Afrikaans, but in our case, she did.  However, Baba Tasha is perfect for little Afrikaans girls.  At around age 2 onwards our little ones have mastered the art of language and this is so perfect for little girls to have an imaginary baby that speaks to them in a language that they understand.  So well done to Prima Toys – what a brilliant idea!

Baba Tasha is available at toy stores and retailers countrywide. Recommended retail price is R469.99 and it is suitable for children aged 2 plus.

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