Monthly Archives: October 2014

This is a common problem; your older child or teenager comes home one day and starts calling you by your first name and not mom or dad. It’s my guess that this starts when your child hears another child do the same to their parent. I was at soccer practice one day as a child […]

With all our recent headlines about rape and violence, no doubt parents are worrying about their children’s safety and wondering when to talk to them about sex. You may feel uncomfortable and out of your depth discussing these topics, but it’s extremely important, as research shows that children who receive sex ed and learn about […]

What happens if your 18-year-old or older child is behaving badly? What do you do then? This is a predicament that parents often ask me about and it’s probably one of the most frustrating situations that parents of older children have to deal with. Here are just some of the issues that parents have shared […]

I honestly do not know why we always tell moms: “Sleep when your baby sleeps”. I remember when my son was little; when he eventually fell asleep, that gave me enough time to race to the toilet, and hurriedly gulp down a cup of tea! I would mission off to my bedroom to “sleep because […]

Winter has come and gone and perhaps, like most people, you gained a few extra kilos over the past few months? Now all those layers of clothing must be shed and so must the extra weight. So what diet will it be this time?The fact of the matter is this:  no matter which diet one […]

Spring is such a wonderful time of new beginnings and lovely fresh foliage and sweet scented flowers. What better time to quit smoking so that you too can smell the roses. And what better incentive to give up smoking than knowing the positive effects that quitting will have on your health. Benefits of quitting Smokers […]

A big resounding FALSE! I recently spoke to 11 beautiful women about teaching their children how to sleep well and I was astounded by how many of them believed that they could not teach their children how to sleep well if they had chosen to breastfeed. Breastfeeding and Good Sleep are not mutually exclusive. You […]

I have recently been asked to give a talk to parents on how to survive and indeed avoid, the “Homework Blues”. Homework is often a time of stress and frustration in the home. As parents struggle to get their children to focus and complete the homework arguments can erupt, leaving both the parent and child […]

Not long now and you may be heading off to your summer holiday at the sea, which brings me to the topic of sunscreens.  Being a sun-worshipper myself, with a strong belief in the therapeutic properties of sunlight, I will never be convinced that it is not good to get a healthy dose of the […]