When you discover you are pregnant for the first time – your whole world shifts. Up to this point decisions you made with regards to your eating only had a direct effect on your body. Suddenly what you eat affects your unborn baby in more ways than we even realized. Benefit 1: A good balanced […]

“Wow, you are getting HUGE!” “Oh, are you sure you’re not having twins?”  “You’re only 24 weeks pregnant? How much bigger can you get?” “For someone who pretty much only eats salad you sure are gaining a lot of weight” “You look like you’re about to pop any minute!” …no… I still have about 15 weeks to go… These […]

Parenting is fraught with tough, controversial decisions. What makes the decisions tough is that there are such varied opinions and every ‘expert’, mum and family member seems to have a very firm opinion on how you should raise your baby. Without question, one of the most highly charged discussions revolves around co-sleeping. Should you? Should […]