Are you one of those parents who have been toying with the idea of homeschooling your child? You want to do it…but you don’t want to do it! You find yourself wishing you were a fly on the wall in your colleague or friends’ house to see what homeschooling is really like and how it […]

Will the education of today be the education of tomorrow? Educators must reflect upon current practices and policies and identify ways to transform education to address a myriad of challenges in an increasingly complex world. If we are to prepare pre-primary and primary-aged children for their future, we can no longer rely on traditional education […]

With controversy surrounding the public school system and with soaring school fees for private schools many parents are starting to question if homeschooling is a better option for their child. Homeschooling is legal in South Africa and has been provided for in the SA Schools Act (SASA) since 1996. It is a fast growing market […]