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Many parents wonder why they should teach their children ‘respectful’ behaviour before the age of 7-8, which is when they really only start to understand the concept of ‘respect’. For example, why force a two-year-old, who is at a very difficult stage socially, to say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ when they don’t understand the words? […]

Learning to count from one to ten, and later to a hundred, is an important milestone in early math development.  However, it is equally important for young children to learn to understand the “how many-ness” or the value that every number represents. Teachers and therapists refer to this important school readiness skill as number concept.  Grade R’s typically […]

Most parents agree that they want their children to reach their full potential – whatever that may be. They won’t enjoy and celebrate a child any less if it turns out that his fullest potential doesn’t involve straight A’s and being hugely successful in the sports arena. In fact, most of us will be more […]

As parents, we do our very best for our children, actively giving them everything we believe they need… and more.  So, the idea that their ‘love tanks’ may sometimes be running low is not only hard to believe, but it flies in the face of the love we express for them daily through our words and […]

Babies are a spark of heaven that we are entrusted to kindle, protect, love and nurture. But any parent who has had a colicky baby will know how quickly parents can feel that they have failed themselves and their baby.  Which is exactly what inspired our father, Basil Bennett, an exceptional South African chemist, to […]

With summer in full swing and the December holiday period just around the corner, we wanted to give you a checklist of essential items to take with when travelling with babies or small children. We all know that travelling with small children and babies can be overwhelming and stressful. They key to minimize the stress […]

Birth Head No Control of head movement. Hands Hands are closed and palmar and plantar grasp reflexes are present. Visuals Eyes close in response to bright light. 6 Weeks Head Has a moderate amount of control over the head, particularly while lying on stomach, bust still demonstrates head lag when gently pulled up into a […]

“The Secret is to Surrender… To the truth that your baby will interrupt your sleep… The sooner you are able to accept this, the less you will have a power struggle with your child… Early morning waking will then hold less frustration and become quiet…Treasured moments! ~ Natalie Guscott” Baby Sleep Signals Your baby will […]