Monthly Archives: June 2015

The “have a password” tip was a great one that circled around the internet for a while. If you didn’t get to see it the tip simply advised that you discuss a “safe word” or password with your child, so that if someone else ever needs to collect them from school one day you can […]

It might seem like technology has taken over our lives, but there are still so many activities we can do for entertainment that will keep us fit and healthy. Cape Town’s ice rink, The Ice Station, is one such place where the only reason you’ll need your cell phone is to take photos of how […]

We can only give in relation to how much we have. If we are drained, our needs are not being met, and we are emotionally taxed, we have less to give to our children. Everyone needs a break and if we continue to push ourselves and not nurture ourselves and our needs, the chances of us […]

My nerves were so high I broke out in hives, I couldn’t think straight. I was struggling to sleep until eventually substituting to crying myself to sleep. This was the last time I would feel you moving and kicking your way around in my tummy. It was the most bitter-sweet emotion. I was physically ready […]

“Food safety is not only about the food we eat, but also what we give our children. Babies will consume what we feed them, but it is our responsibility to know what is best for them,” says Stasha Jordan, breastfeeding activist and executive director of the South African Breastmilk Reserve (SABR). The World Health Organisation […]

“What I love about the Mysmartkid concept is that it provides parents with knowledge, skills and activities which facilitate their children’s development in so many areas. This is done in a simple, accessible and really enjoyable way which provides the foundation for lifelong learning.” Says Catherine Barry, Speech and Language Therapist and member of the […]

Children with Down syndrome are keen to be social and their interactive communication skills (the ability to understand and participate in conversations) are good. This strength should be recognized and every effort made to enable them to communicate in all the settings that they are in at home and at school. Increasing the quantity and […]

When I provide my talks to school children on cyber sense, they often nod in agreement when I mention that they aren’t the only ones who need to learn to find a healthy balance in their lives between social interaction, activity and technology. Adults are just as bad as children when it comes to overusing […]

When it comes to balancing family and career there is no more harassed adult than a parent. If you do manage to balance all the tasks you set out for yourself daily, you will still have to manage the huge emotional burden we all carry around as parents, with feelings of guilt and stress being […]

So as you all know by now, I have some issues regarding maternity leave in South Africa… and having to return to work when Knox is barely 4 months old is one of them. The first time around (when I had my little girl) I was young, had PND and could not wait to get back to work – to be honest, […]