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When someone does not feel heard, it can be extremely frustrating. When your child speaks to you, put down your phone, if possible switch off the TV, thereby reassuring him that what he has to say is important to you. However, remember, that mutual respect is very important. If you are texting while you are […]

Honestly, as a Mom and dietitian there is no reason to start food introductions with rice cereal.  Rice cereal has been a long-time staple of the food introduction folklore, but there is no science or even practical reasoning behind it.  Rice cereal has very little nutritional value.  It is starchy, full of carbohydrates with little […]

As parents we constantly worry that we are not giving our children the very best educational foundations to prepare them for the adult, working world. We want our children to be a success in this highly competitive, fast-moving world of technology and we will pour our time, effort and money into extra-mural activities and extra-lessons […]

It is completely normal for your breasts to become full, heavy and even painful when your milk comes in, when you have missed a feed, or when you have a sudden increase in your supply. Generally, this will last no longer then 24 hours (with the exception of milk coming in), the areola should remain […]

Not as much as you might be thinking. Very often, when we talk to clients their main concern is that milk, milk supply, solids or the lack thereof, are the causes of their child not sleeping. This is a natural reaction due to the kinds of information new mothers are exposed to. In hindsight, I […]

By Janine Shamos All teens are moody; all teens are rebellious; all teens are angry and irritable; all teens are depressed. Aren’t they? Yet most of us still find it staggering that a teen could take his or her own life. Shouldn’t the world be filled with hope and possibility as a teen – not […]

With so many myths out there about diet and pregnancy, no wonder new mothers-to-be feel confused about the do’s and don’ts of their own diets. To eat appropriately is the one thing a mother have a lot of control over, and wants to get 100% right, but is so afraid of getting it wrong. We […]