Camp is a great place for children to get some much-needed time out from mom and dad and form relationships with other authoritative, yet not as threatening, figures: camp counselors. The role of a counselor is not only being of a guardian and caretaker, but a friend as well. Camper- counselor relationships provide long-lasting values for both […]

Having turned the dream of creating a ‘children’s paradise’ into a successfully running business, Sugar Bay’s Founding Director, Zoë Ellender, shares why the benefits of American summer camps inspired her to start her very own camp in South Africa. “As a child, I was given a lot of opportunities to go on holiday which didn’t […]

Recent statistics show a rapid increase in overweight children – a reminder for parents to prioritise fit and healthy lifestyles. One of the contributing reasons is the excessive amount of time children spend in front of the television, and the unhealthy junk food consumed while watching TV. Since children are kept busy with homework and […]