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Surfing with Smiles

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We sat down with the Sugar Bay surfing PC (Pro Counselor), Smiles, on his surfing journey and who he thinks would win in a fight between Steven Seagal and Jean Claude van Damme.

Real name Grant Anderson, was born in Johannesburg, Gauteng and went to North Cliff primary school before the Anderson tribe moved to sunny Durban in 2009. The surfing bug bit him at just 10 years old and he has never looked back.

As a past camper at the Bay, he loved the positive influence the counselors had on him.

“I felt like I could be myself, I was exposed to the one thing I love most in the world and I was surrounded by the most amazing people.”

Wanting to shine that light on someone else, in 2016, he joined our C.I.T (Counselors in Training) course where he had goals to become the surfing PC and the counselor he had always wanted to be.

What’s your favourite part about teaching children how to surf? 

“Just being able to share my passion with someone, who either have been surfing or wants to learn how to surf. It allows me to be a part of their journey and to see them grow is such a privilege.” 

What childhood memory do you have of surfing? 

“Standing on a board I still have today and catching a wave on my own for the very first time.” 

What type of kid do you think your teachers would say you were at school? 

“Definitely a leader, I was also a good example and a role model to the younger pupils.”

What’s the one thing people don’t know about you? 

(Shrugs) ” hahahahaha. I honestly don’t know.”

Between Steven Seagal and Jean-Claude van Damme, who do you think would win the fight?

“Steven Seagal any day!” 

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