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How to improve your child’s fitness

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Recent statistics show a rapid increase in overweight children – a reminder for parents to prioritise fit and healthy lifestyles. One of the contributing reasons is the excessive amount of time children spend in front of the television, and the unhealthy junk food consumed while watching TV.

Since children are kept busy with homework and extracurricular activities during the school term; it’s a better idea for parents to consider ways in which fitness can be promoted during the school holidays – when kids often have no choice but to resort to technology for entertainment.

Holiday camps are an excellent option.

Fitness and outdoor activities are often a priority at holidays camps like Sugar Bay.

Unlike boot camp, which implements a very direct and strict approach to fitness, Sugar Bay integrates fitness and promotes a healthy lifestyle in fun and creative ways through everyday activities at camp.

Here are 6 ways which Sugar Bay holiday camp promotes a healthier lifestyle:

Healthy Meals

The kitchen staff and programmer take the utmost care in creating a daily menu that is on par with the recommended daily dietary requirements set up by the South African Department of Health. All meals are freshly prepared from local ingredients, and salads and fruit are available at every meal.

Choose from a variety of outdoor activities

There are no compulsory activities at Sugar Bay. Kids decide what they would like to do for the day, which is ideal since it ensures that they will enjoy the outdoor experience offered by any activity they choose.

Sugar Bay offers over 100 activities, most of which are outdoors at the beach, in the ocean, lagoon, pool or on the fields. All activities promote mental and physical fitness. Some popular activities include: Surfing, paintball, rock wall climbing, bungee trampoline, dancing, kayaking, skateboarding, BMX, beach volleyball etc.

Lagoon kayaking is a great example. Kayaking is an excellent all-round exercise that involves both cardiovascular and strength training. Campers first have to walk about a kilometer to the lagoon, and then participate in warm-up activities on the beach before they begin the activity itself. While kayaking, the kids play games which creates an enjoyable experience, without the competitiveness that is associated with sport.

Limited junk purchases

 The tuckshop offers parents an option to specify how much their children can spend on snacks versus souvenirs. Since the children are served three healthy meals per day, this limit prevents children from purchasing too much junk food. The tuckshop also stocks a variety of healthy snacks, like dried fruit and nuts, to ensure that there are always healthier options available.

Daily walks

Everyday begins and ends with an invigorating exercise routine – walks along the canopy boardwalks. The cabins are a distance from the communal hall, which means that each walk to the cabin is a healthy dose of uphill exercise, and an energising opportunity to enjoy the fresh air and forest surroundings.

Technology-free zone

Camp is a technology-free zone. No one is sitting around with their cellphones, tablets or laptops. No one is missing these items either, because everyone is entertained by the company of friends and the endless options of fun activities. Camp shows kids alternative ways to enjoy themselves. Healthier, more active ways. It is for this reason then , that it’s important for kids to disconnect during the school holidays.

Good rest   

Unlike boot camp, Sugar Bay ensures that campers get enough rest everyday. Bed times are allocated according to age groups, and everyone gets at least 8 hours a night. When there has been an exceptionally busy day, late-wake up times are scheduled. During the day, breaks are allocated between 30 minutes and two hours, so that kids can recharge between activities.

Camp isn’t just a holiday away from home, it is the perfect opportunity to get your kids active, improve their physical fitness and encourage a healthier lifestyle while still having fun.

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