In today’s modern world, children grow up knowing how to take pictures with our iPhones or how to navigate to the games on our iPads, but what effect does all this screen time have on them? Health and mental consequences  Research suggests that spending an excessive amount of time in front of screens could have […]

Many people are struggling with parenting given all of today’s modern technology, especially when it comes to the many omnipresent screens that children are currently using. Our grandparents were likely more concerned with a single screen, the one found on a lone television set in the living room. But nowadays, kids have a plethora of […]

Our kids are growing up in a technological age. They are confronted with tablets, smartphones, laptops, DSTV and so much more. Your phone is seen as part of your image and our kids want the latest and greatest. So why should we limit them? The biggest concern I have is that kids are not spending enough time outside playing. The reasons for this […]