You know the day is coming.  You think about it every spare moment. You dread it.  What to do with your little one when you go back to work! Let’s face it, very few parents are lucky enough to have the financial means to let mom stay at home for a number of years before […]

So as you all know by now, I have some issues regarding maternity leave in South Africa… and having to return to work when Knox is barely 4 months old is one of them. The first time around (when I had my little girl) I was young, had PND and could not wait to get back to work – to be honest, […]

I have one month left at work until I have to go on maternity leave, I say have to because apparently I do not have a choice in the matter. Let me explain – like most of the companies in the fashion industry the company I work for has a shut-down period from 19 December 2014 until about 14 January 2015 […]