This is partly an excerpt from the “Unlearn” chapter in my book Mila’s Meals: The Beginning & The Basics. Disclaimer: As with everything concerning food there are two sides to any debate raging around every one of the topics in this chapter – both sides will be defended with scientific proof, and ‘absolute’ recommendations. I […]

One of the biggest challenges I see in my practice is picky eating, whether in healthy children or kiddies struggling with underlying medical issues.  While it is generally  “just a phase”, it’s a phase we would ideally like to avoid – it can be incredibly frustrating for mom and dad, and has repercussions for health– […]

Growing up in the 80’s, parties typically involved red frankfurters with tomato sauce, sugary fizzy cool drinks such as Coke, Cream Soda, Fanta as well as multi-coloured jelly and chips loaded with colourings, preservatives, bad fats and sugar.  Parents didn’t seem to be nearly as conscious of party food as they are now.  We all […]

Honestly, as a Mom and dietitian there is no reason to start food introductions with rice cereal.  Rice cereal has been a long-time staple of the food introduction folklore, but there is no science or even practical reasoning behind it.  Rice cereal has very little nutritional value.  It is starchy, full of carbohydrates with little […]

You are what you eat. Fuel your brain with the right foods to boost mental stamina and improve memory and learning. Did you know that even though your brain is the body’s command centre, it only accounts for about two percent of your total body weight? If you eat the right amount of calories to […]