Solving a complex problem at work, finally achieving a personal goal is nothing compared to your child finishing a whole plate of food. Isn’t it amazing that no matter how big your accomplishments in your day, NOTHING, absolutely nothing compares to the satisfaction you get watching your toddler successfully finish a meal. You can sleep […]

Ever wondered why some people lose weight on one type of diet and others don’t and why is there is so many conflicting results? It might be because of us. Well, because of our different genes. This specific question led to the emerging science of genetic testing, called nutritional genomics (a.k.a. nutrigenomics) – the study […]

A hungry child is a less fussy child. After School is a great window of opportunity to get your child to eat something healthy as they generally come home starving having rushed lunch to spend time with their friends in the playground. A few simple ideas and a few minutes spent in preparation can make […]

Most of us eat too much salt, which can lead to high blood pressure and eventually to heart disease and strokes. Changing how much salt we eat is not that easy, especially because most of the salt that we eat is already in the foods we buy. Choosing foods lower in salt can sometimes be […]

What is ADHD? Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a syndrome diagnosed in many children. The exact percentage of children with ADHD is not known but figures are estimated at about 3-5% of school age children¸ with the incidence being slightly higher in boys. The main symptoms of ADHD are reduced attentiveness and concentration, excessive levels of […]

You know what is wrong with most dietary advice for managing weight? Firstly, the simplistic assertion that all we have to do is control calories in and calories out, and secondly, the belief that sugar and sweets are relatively benign foods.  Many diets allow the intake of refined sugars in sweets and desserts as long […]

With so many myths out there about diet and pregnancy, no wonder new mothers-to-be feel confused about the do’s and don’ts of their own diets. To eat appropriately is the one thing a mother have a lot of control over, and wants to get 100% right, but is so afraid of getting it wrong. We […]

We are all aware that “we are what we eat”, however our knowledge is usually limited to the fact that the wrong foods could cause heart attacks, obesity and compromise our immune systems but the idea that they can also affect our minds, even our behaviour is less known. However Patrick Holford in his book […]