Are you battling with breakouts? Many things contribute to the formation of acne but, for the most part, we can thank our fluctuating hormones. These can cause our skin to become oily and shed in clumps as opposed to cell by cell, forming bumps and pimples. Fortunately, this type of inflammatory acne can be dramatically […]

Just the other day they were enthralled by Peppa Pig. Then, before you can say “TikTok”, you’re dealing with a social media-obsessed teen. Something else you’re likely to be facing is a struggle with is acne. After all, around 85% of people will develop it in their lifetime and it usually starts around puberty going […]

Struggling with acne is stressful enough, nobody also wants to deal with the aftermath – the scars it can leave behind. This is why it’s important to prevent as well as address spots the moment appear while managing inflammation, a major contributor to scarring. Happily, Lamelle’s Clarity collection can help you do all three! What […]