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According to the Association for Dietetics in South Africa (ADSA) breastfeeding wherever and whenever a baby gets hungry is perfectly legal and deserves to be fully supported. In contrast, shaming moms into desperately breastfeeding their babies or expressing breastmilk in cold toilet cubicles and cramped cars in parking lots is not supportive of moms or their children.

Ultimately, the reason why you are expressing will determine how long you carry on for and/or how much milk is expressed Whether you express to keep your baby guzzling breast milk while you’re at work (or step out), or you express because your little one struggles to breastfeed, we can all agree on one thing… […]

The global coronavirus pandemic and social distancing has most of us trading fancy-schmancy corporate gear for spit-up stained leggings, an almost-always reasonable boss for a pint-sized tyrant and nine-to-five working hours for a day that never.ever.ends.