JOMAR Baby Author

Modern, ingredient-conscious moms only want the best for their little ones when it comes to skincare. Products that contain natural ingredients that aren’t harmful to sensitive skin are at the top of the list – especially those that are geared towards clean beauty principles. One such brand that recently launched a unique 10 product range […]

JOMAR, a brand-new natural skincare range backed by passion and extensive research, has just launched its exciting baby and toddler skincare range. Inspired by modern, ingredient-conscious moms, the range includes 10 unique products that are specially formulated to treat delicate skin from head to toe. With over 22 years’ experience in the skincare industry, JOMAR’s […]

Your little one’s delicate skin needs a lot of pampering when it comes to body care products. More sensitive, porous, dryer and more vulnerable to infections than adult skin, your baby’s skin needs body creams and washes that are safe and kind to their soft skin. As parents, we understand all too well how important […]

Clean beauty has been getting a lot of positive buzz online – and for good reason! Those that invest in products designed with clean beauty principles in mind, reap the benefits of ultimate wellbeing – and this includes moms that chose clean beauty for themselves and their little ones! So, how does it work? In […]

Our little ones come into this world equipped with only their first line of defence: their skin. However, despite a full-term infant’s skin having all five epidermal skin layers intact, including the stratum basale, stratum spinosum, stratum granulosum, stratum lucidum and stratum corneum, there are big differences on how their skin differs from adult skin. […]