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HOW TO TELL IF YOUR CHILD/STUDENT HAS A SENSORY ISSUE Adequate awareness, interpretation and use of sensory information is the cornerstone of all learning and behaviour. Some sensory deficits are easy to recognise, such as poor vision or hearing. Other difficulties are less easy to interpret, as they may result from difficulty with processing stimuli […]

Weighted blankets and toys are designed to help children and adults with difficulties such as anxiety, hyperactivity and sleeplessness to attain a calm and relaxed state. The added weight provides deep pressure input, which is interpreted by the proprioceptive system. Our proprioceptors are sensory receptors located in our muscles and joints. This system helps us […]

Although we know all children are different and develop at their own pace, parents still like to know generally what to expect when it comes to their child’s development. The Big Picture In the greater scheme of things, parents want their children to be healthy and happy. However, the main areas to look out for […]