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Understanding Irlen Syndrome

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In 2017, I attended a course on Irlen Syndrome. During this course, I came to realize that I might also be dealing with Irlen Syndrome. This perceptual processing disorder profoundly influences how individuals process and interpret visual information, primarily affecting their ability to understand visual stimuli. People with Irlen Syndrome often experience visual discomfort and distortion, particularly when engaging in activities such as reading or working with text.

Common Symptoms Include:


If you suspect that your child may have Irlen Syndrome, it is crucial to consult a professional for a proper evaluation. An Irlen Syndrome assessment involves a series of specialized tests conducted by a trained practitioner. These tests aim to identify specific visual stress patterns and their impact on reading and daily activities.

Interventions and Support

Once diagnosed, there are various strategies and interventions that can help children with Irlen Syndrome:


Irlen Syndrome can significantly impact a child’s ability to read and learn comfortably. However, with early recognition and appropriate interventions, children with Irlen Syndrome can overcome these challenges and thrive academically and socially. If you would like to learn more about Irlen Syndrome or suspect that your child might have it, please feel free to contact Glenoaks School, and they will connect you with the appropriate person for further assistance.

“I am an open book, I am just difficult to read.”

Written by Sharleen Oberholzer – Remedial Teacher Glenoaks School

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