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Join the Bug Boogie Dance Party with Cartoonito’s Brand-New Show, Lu & The Bally Bunch

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Little bugs learn big lessons in feelings, friendship and fun as Lu & the Bally Bunch flutters onto Cartoonito Africa on Monday, 9 October.


Join Lu & the Bally Bunch on their school journey filled with music, laughter, and lots of fun!

Created by Oscar®-nominated director Nicky Phelan, Lu & the Bally Bunch is about a little ladybird named Lu who has just started preschool with her new friends. Together, they explore their brand-new social lives through play, music, big feelings, and even bigger fun.

As an only child, Lu is used to being the centre of her universe. Having just started preschool, she’s learning that sharing space with five other centres of the universe has its challenges. Exploring the everyday dramas of life in school, Lu & the Bally Bunch is a funny and affectionate look at Lu and her friends – Barnaby, Biba, Declan, Elodie and Gus – as they learn how to get along with each other in their new social setting.

Inspired by Nicky Phelan’s memories of helping his mum in her own preschool, Lu & the Bally Bunchcelebrates the joy, drama and humour of young schoolers learning to share space. There’s nothing as funny as seeing a bunch of three-year-olds fail to navigate each other and nothing as heart-warming as seeing them learn to get along.

Set in Ballybug, a small village home to a community of bugs, Lu and her friends attend Shella Kabooky’s Shell School. Shella, a snail, is the wise and kind teacher of the preschool housed in her shell. Inspired by the teachings of Montessori, Shella guides the bugs through games, play and learning with a gentle, kid-led approach. Under Shella’s watchful eye, Lu and her friends learn to laugh and play together.

Lu & the Bally Bunch highlights the high-stakes drama of navigating first friendships with real children’s voices, heartfelt humour, and dramatic stories that play out in real-time. The series features real-life and authentic scenarios that young kids deal with as they go to school for the first time, with lessons in social-emotional learning and conflict resolution.

Produced by 9 Story’s award-winning studio, Brown Bag Films, with the participation of Warner Bros. Discovery and CBC Kids, Lu & the Bally Bunch was created by Brown Bag Films’ director, Nicky Phelan (Vampirina, Bing, Octonauts), Oscar®-nominated for his short film Granny O’Grimm’s Sleeping Beauty. Phelan also directed the series.

Join Lu & the Bally Bunch on their journey with music, laughter, and fun, premiering exclusively onCartoonito Africa, weekdays at 17:10 CAT, from Monday, 9 October.

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