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Pool safety for kids – what you need to know about solid safety pool covers

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As a parent, you already know the importance of child drowning prevention and how quickly accidents can happen. What you perhaps didn’t know is that in South Africa, pool safety will become a regulatory issue, governed by the SABS through its building Standards.   

According to the Safety Standard (SANS 10134), pool safety will need to be provided on all properties. The most effective way to address this is with a solid safety cover. But not all safety covers are made equal and it is important to understand the criteria when choosing a safety cover. 

These are the questions to ask and the critical factors to get right if your safety cover is to perform as it should and keep unsupervised children (and pets) safe.

  • After rain, does the water drain off within 15 minutes, leaving no water pooled on top of the cover? A compliant safety cover must have drainage holes. 
  • Could an object measuring 114mm fit under the edge of the cover? This represents the size of a small child’s head. 
  • Is the cover’s weight tolerance 220kg or more? Can two adults and a child walk on it without harm to themselves or damage to the cover?
  • Are the batons supporting the cover manufactured for solid safety pool covers and able to carry the intended weight? Similarly, are the ratchets of adequate quality?
  • Are the supplier and  the installer accredited by SANS 10134?
  • Does the supplier provide official certification with the safety cover? 

The PowerPlastics Solid Safety Cover is the leading child safety cover and complies with all the abovementioned requirements. Solid Safety Covers were first designed and introduced to the South African market by PowerPlastics Pool Covers. Many have tried to copy it but don’t always get the quality right. Cutting corners by using cheap components could result in a pool cover that is as unsafe as an uncovered pool if not even more dangerous, imagine being trapped under a defective cover! A Solid Safety Cover  is a specialist product, and requires specialist design and installation methods. 

Go with the original and best in quality cover from PowerPlastics Pool Covers. You will be glad you went the extra mile when your quality safety cover stops a child or pet drowning in your own home. 

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