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Online schooling is a tool, that if used correctly, can change the game in academic achievement

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However, for this to happen, a relationship and understanding of expectation between the parent and activator needs to be developed. 

As a teacher that worked in a brick and mortar school for five years, I can speak to the understanding that parents are removed from their child’s learning journey, particularly in the early years. This is largely due to the fact that most, if not all learning are expected to take happen during school hours. Once your five-year-old arrives home, their academic day is considered done. When applying this idea to the online schooling space, a shift takes place, now home, or anywhere for that matter is where learning can take place, and what makes this environmental shift even more unique is that you, the parent is not only “invited” into the classroom but you become part of your child’s learning and teaching resources.

Online schooling affords the parent a front-row seat into the “classroom” and what a magnificent tool that could be. The opportunity to see how your child engages with academic content develops understandings, and even more importantly, where your child is developing misunderstandings. Parents who use this platform in this way have given their children a foundation to evolve from standard learning to evolutionary learning. 

I have been afforded the chance to watch this happen in the level 1/Grade 0 space at Evolve Online School. Parents who have embraced all that online schooling is and have engaged with their children by extending their child’s learning and becoming their child’s personalized teacher, accompanied by the input from us as activators have gone from reading three-letter words to reading books by the end of their grade 0/ level 1 year. Online schooling really does create the space for limitless learning possibilities because children are given the opportunity to have all the right people involved in their learning journey.

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