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Have you ever considered goat milk for preschooler?

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The benefits of goat’s milk are known worldwide, in many countries, goat’s milk has been given to children for centuries and is even consumed more than cow’s milk. Although the supply of goat’s milk is increasing, most children still drink cow’s milk. The question is, for how long, because goat’s milk is on the rise. More and more parents are experiencing the benefits.

#1 Goat milk made in the Netherlands

The milk of Dutch goats is used for follow-on milk and toddler milk. Many parents see this as an advantage, because they can be sure that the milk is properly monitored. That is also true, because the goat farmers are under strict supervision of the Dutch Goat Dairy Organization. This monitoring is important for your child, but also for the goat farmer, because only pure and safe goat’s milk is sold as a basis for nutrition in your child.

#2 Goat milk is great quality

Another plus for goat’s milk is it’s great quality. The milk is naturally packed with vitamins, minerals, high-quality proteins, and fatty acids that are easily degradable. And because your little one needs a bit more, the manufacturers add valuable ingredients such as vitamins A, C and D, iron and Omega fatty acids DHA in their nutritional powdered products. 

#3 Children love goat’s milk

Call it a nice bonus or a big plus of goat’s milk: many children love it. Goat’s milk naturally has a mild taste. It tastes soft and does not have a typical goat taste like many other animal products. Even after the addition of ingredients – as prescribed by law for all follow-on milks – that mildness remains. Producers such as Kabrita do a lot to preserve that taste by continuously optimizing and developing the packaging.

#4 Goat milk is a suitable choice for all ages

Another benefit to goat’s milk is that it contains all the nutrients your children need for healthy growth. Goat milk has a unique fat and protein composition, which makes it naturally easy to digest. The smaller fat globules and relatively high amounts of short and medium chain fatty acids found in goat milk, are relatively easy for the body to break down. In addition, the low amount of as1-casein protein in goat milk helps to form a softer curd in the stomach and pass through the digestive system more gently.

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