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Tackle adult & teen acne effectively to stay in the clear

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Tackling acne effectively means finding a skincare solution that keeps skin healthy, and spot free, naturally.

From teen through to adulthood, acne can mar our skin, plague our thoughts and push us to develop bad habits that lead us to squeeze ‘just a little bit’ at the most untimorous moments, such as when we are about to leave for an important event. The stress induced habits of squeezing and popping acne only leads to the breaking of your delicate facial skin surface, causing bleeding and swelling and turning spots and blemishes into angry irritated welts, that make matters worse.

It is especially important we don’t touch, poke or fiddle with our face as our fingers carry on average 3 200 different germs belonging to more than 150 species according to Pfizer regarding the importance of clean hands.

What to do to manage that irritating acne?

#1 Hydrate: Acne responds well to regular and deep hydration. It’s important to keep a healthy regular schedule of cleansing your body and problem acne areas twice a day and after sweating. Follow up with applying hydration to your skin that is not greasy but instead soothing and natural.

#2 Natural Effect: Any hydrating solution applied to acne should be 100% natural, without the additives and chemicals of treatments and lotions. Blemish busting BaoCare CLEAR is a gentle, yet effective serum for skin flare-ups of all kinds, including adult acne. A light, non-oily serum made from the baobab tree, it is free of artificial additives and helpful for both teens and more mature skins, formulated with a synergistic combination of tea tree and evening primrose for their anti-microbial properties, which not only heals acne but lightens dark spots as well.

#3 Food Friendly: Be mindful of the type of foods you are fuelling your body with, listen to your body’s language and become aware of foods that cause allergies and reactions. Reach for leafy greens and water high-content foods such as watermelons (just in time to be enjoyed on warm Spring days), snack on a cucumber, add tomatoes to stews, and crunch your way through celery, apples and oranges wherever possible.

#4 Hydrate again on the inside: Drink clear water daily to help your body’s systems function and flow, flushing toxins out the bowel so your body does not have to send toxins out though the skin dermis.


If you are faced with an angry blemish on your face on the eve of a special event, do not touch the blemish, bump or spot as this will induce further swelling. Apply BaoCare CLEAR Baobab oil serum to hydrate and soothe the acne and then cover up with a light dab in the area with a naturally matched cosmetic base to camouflage the red, angry welt. And yes, it’s okay for guys to do this too. After your night out remember to do your evening clean and hydration routine adding BaoCare CLEAR Skincare once again onto your clean skin as a rapidly absorbed moisturizer that will not block pores and help to soothe any flare ups.

#6 Facial Trims: Shaving rash can be treated in the same way, as BaoCare CLEAR leaves your face soft and deeply saturated through natural baobab serum moisturisation.

#7 Zen Skincare Moments: We could all do with a little less stress, and it is usually when we are stressed and out of our cleaning routine that acne makes its appearance. Make a point of stressing less by adding a simple breathing routine to calm and centre you as you do your cleaning regime and apply hydration to your skin’s acne. Try the 5-5-5 routine of breathing in through your nose for the count of 5, holding you breathe for the count of 5 and releasing your breath through the mouth to the count of 5 to calm mind and body. See your self-care routine each morning and night as an act of self-love for taking action and addressing your acne problem so you can go out and shine in the world with a clear, blemish and acne free skin once again.


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