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Ready for “skinstant” transformation? Exfoliate like a pro with Lamelle Research Laboratories!

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Don’t underestimate the power of exfoliation – it’s one of the most important things you can do for healthy, radiant skin. However, not all exfoliators are created equally and some could even be doing more harm than good.

To explain, you might have noticed Lamelle Research Laboratories has several much-loved exfoliating products but none are scrubs. This isn’t an accident. For the most part, granular exfoliators, particular those with irregularly shaped particles (here’s looking at you, ground walnut!) have been shown to cause micro-tears that damage and inflame your skin. This is why our range relies on trusted  chemical exfoliators with active ingredients that don’t just exfoliate, but also serve up a host of other skin-loving benefits for “skinstant” transformation.

A case in point 

Lamelle Correctives Cathepzyme 1 and 2 are both brilliant liquid exfoliators that contain Cathepsin D analog, an enzyme produced by our own bodies, to stimulate your skin’s natural exfoliation process without disrupting your skin’s barrier function. Use either of them three times a week and you’ll also see a clinically proven improvement in wrinkles, moisture levels and firmness – within just 3 months!

As Cathepzyme 2 is slightly more concentrated than Cathepzyme 1, it’s your best bet if you don’t have sensitive skin; aren’t new to regular exfoliation or want to improve the look of KP (keratosis pilaris). For those who don’t know, KP – sometimes unflatteringly referred to as “chicken skin” is a harmless yet annoying, genetic skin condition characterised by rough-feeling bumps that typically appear on the back and outsides of the arms, but can occur pretty much anywhere. Fortunately, the right chemical exfoliator can help you smooth it.

Gently does it 

Another duo that can up your exfoliation game is our Correctives AHA re-texture solutions, available in a concentration of 5% AHA as well as 8% AHA, Formulated for anyone with a combination or oily skin, they’ll reveal smoother, brighter-looking skin and keep your pores free of debris and excess oil. Another plus? Its glycolic acid will also help stimulate your skin’s collagen production while increasing hydration.

Yet another way to gently increase your skin’s cellular turnover? New Lamelle Skin Essence Clear Priming Liquid, specially formulated for acne-prone skin, has a refreshing, water-like texture but contains both AHAs (alpha hydroxy acids) and BHA (beta hydroxy acids). This way, it can gently exfoliate both the surface of your skin as well as deep inside your pores to help clear your complexion. You’ll also benefit from its other superstar ingredients which include skin barrier-protecting probiotic lysates, soothing panthenol and antibacterial zinc. 

Peel and reveal

Another great way to get your glow on is to treat your skin to regular peels. Our highly-skilled Lamelle skincare therapists will be able to analyse your skin and recommend the right course of peels to best suit your needs. Still, you should know about the latest peel star on the block and that’s the Rice Bran AO Peel system – a 2-part superficial chemical peel that begins in-office but ends in your own home.

Packed with the peeling power of both AHAs and BHA, it also includes antioxidant-packed Japanese rice bran to repair and protect along with collagen-encouraging retinol and soothing panthenol. It’s a clever choice for anyone wanting to create a smoother, more evenly toned complexion while addressing concerns like mild sun spots and early fine lines.

The bottom line

Regular exfoliation is a must for beautiful skin. Still, not all exfoliators are up to scratch – so choose cleverly. Opt for one of our innovatively formulated chemical exfoliators that can help you reveal more radiant-looking skin and serve up a host of other benefits to ensure that, when it comes to big rewards, you’ll reap the very best

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