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Review: Chicco Baby Moments Range

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When choosing products for your little one’s delicate skin which is still in the process of development, parents tend to be picky as to their product choice. 

The Chicco Baby Moments range is formulated for baby’s. The ingredients used in the their range of products are gentle ensuring that there is less change of baby’s skin being irritated by the products. 

Their hypoallergenic formula causes less irritation to your baby’s tender skin and eyes.

Besides, the presence of iso-lachrymal neutral pH makes sure the eyes of your baby do not tingle as a result of coming in contact with this product. Chicco is a manufacturer of a wide range of baby-products. The products of this company comply with high standards of safety and are suitable for children.

So if you are looking for products for your baby that are free from dyes, alcohol, SLS, SLES and parabens then the Chicco Baby Moments range is the line of products for you!

Their range comprises of

Chicco Baby Moments Sweet Perfumed Water


Body Lotion & Massage Oil


Bath Range


Oral Care Collection


Available to purchase  at various baby products retailers as well as and

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