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Don’t let your child become a statistic

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“It will never happen to my child!” – You’re right, but do you want to take the risk?

As every loving parent knows, that moment you hold your child, there is nothing you wouldn’t do for them. And no one wants to come up against a ‘Mamma Bear’ when she is defending her child.

How do you defend your child when you don’t know what is happening behind that screen? How do you protect your child from predators that can mimic and penetrate themselves into your child’s life?  You can keep them away from these dangers however the digital world is playing a more active role in our lives. You can arm them with the skills to spot these dangers before they become a reality. 

Take a digital adventure with them and help to better prepare them for what may lay ahead. Education is the key. Communication is the magic that brings all of this together. 

We’ve read the 143-page research paper from Global kids online on South African Kids Online:

Barriers, opportunities & risks. This was like reading a terrifying thriller novel that has no end. 

According to the study, “The internet is beginning to significantly impact all societies in numerous profound and dynamic ways, regardless of location, infrastructure, and economic level. Recent global estimates suggest that one in three internet users is a child and that the proportion of child internet users is likely to be higher in developing countries.” 

To summarise some interesting points from the report:

The report was completed in 3 main provinces, where one in two (48.1%) child participants said that they never or hardly ever spoke to their parents about their internet use.  From the child perspective only 42.0% of parents never suggested ways for their children to use the internet safely and 49.1% never spoke to their children about what do if something online bothered or upset them. An alarming 57% of parents admitted that they had never suggested ways to use the internet safely. However, parents did show a deep concern for their children’s online wellbeing in the focus group discussions. 

Social Kids was born out this very same, shared concern for their own son. You can’t leave it in the hands of the school or have them learn from peers and friends. Codey Crawler was developed to help take children through the online journey and to better prepare them for what may lie ahead. It’s the basics of internet safety and it’s a topic that we can now face together with our children, encouraging them to share their experiences and to create the self-awareness they need to guard their information and privacy. 

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