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Inspiring the Love for Books at Loreto School Queenswood

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September month is International reading month! Every year we celebrate it with “Donate a Book Day”-DAB DAY

At Loreto School Queenswood, we are inspiring the Love for Books through initiatives like DAB Day, these initiatives have a positive impact on our children. 

In a world filled with screens and digital distractions, fostering a love for reading in our children has never been more critical. DAB Day, short for “Donate A Book Day,” is a remarkable initiative that not only encourages children to read but also instils in them the profound values of giving and sharing. As we celebrate this wonderful tradition, it’s vital to recognize the invaluable lessons it imparts and the long-lasting benefits of cultivating a reading habit from a young age, particularly during primary school years.

DAB Day, typically observed in primary schools, is a day of celebration and learning rolled into one. It involves children donating books and dressing up as their favourite book characters. This simple act of generosity opens doors to numerous educational and moral lessons that stay with them throughout their lives, lessons that resonate with our vision, mission, and values. 

DAB DAY Inspiring a Lifelong Love for Reading

One of the most significant advantages of DAB Day is its power to ignite a passion for reading among young children. By encouraging them to donate books, the event communicates the idea that books are meant to be shared and cherished. When children see their peers donating books, it sends a powerful message that reading is a communal and enjoyable activity. As a result, they become more eager to explore the magical world of books, thereby laying the foundation for a lifelong love for reading.

Teaching the Values of Giving and Sharing

Beyond the love for books, DAB Day instils essential values in children, namely, giving and sharing. It teaches them that giving can be as rewarding as receiving. When children donate books, they experience firsthand the joy of helping others access knowledge and stories. This selflessness fosters empathy and compassion, qualities that are essential for personal growth and building strong, caring communities.

Fostering a Sense of Community

DAB Day also promotes a sense of togetherness and community within the school environment. The act of dressing up as beloved book characters creates a shared experience that bonds children together. They begin to see their classmates as fellow readers and adventurers in the world of books. This sense of belonging not only encourages collaboration but also makes reading a social activity, reinforcing the idea that books are meant to be shared and discussed.

The Cognitive and Academic Benefits

The benefits of reading from a young age cannot be overstated. Studies have shown that children who read regularly from an early age develop stronger vocabulary, better comprehension skills, and improved cognitive abilities. Reading is not just a source of knowledge; it’s a tool that sharpens young minds and prepares them for academic success.

DAB Day is not just a celebration; it’s an investment in the future. By inspiring children to read, teaching them the values of giving and sharing, and fostering a sense of community, DAB Day equips our youngest learners with the tools they need to become compassionate, educated, and successful individuals. The benefits of reading from an early age ripple through their lives, influencing their academic achievements and shaping their characters.

As we embrace DAB Day, let us remember that in promoting a love for books, we are nurturing the leaders, thinkers, and compassionate citizens of tomorrow. Encouraging our children to read and share the magic of books today will undoubtedly lead to a brighter, more literate future for all.

Grade R class in their Character Costumes

Ms Sharp Grade 1 Teacher

Mrs Prinsloo and Ms Sharp-Grade 1 Teachers

Mrs Maditshego-Sepedi Teacher and Mrs Gerber Grade 3 Teacher

Grade 3 DAB Day Theme

Written by: Nthabiseng Sherillyn Nyamane, Loreto School Queenswood

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