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Inspiring journeys: Success stories from the Impaq Online School

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Meet three students who have found themselves thriving at the Impaq Online School. With diverse backgrounds, each student brings a unique perspective to the digital classroom. We learn more about how they have adapted to this new way of learning and how they have transformed along the way.

Choosing the Impaq Online School

Grade 11 Impaq Online School learner Matthew J Dunn switched from homeschooling to online schooling in 2023. Grade 9 learners Kalyn Payne and Carla Roets switched from classroom walls to digital calls at the start of 2024.


For Matthew, switching to online learning gave him the freedom of flexibility: “The Impaq Online School is more travel-friendly than traditional schooling because I can learn from anywhere”. But besides being a school you can pack in a bag, online schooling has proved to be an effective strategy to beat the bullies.

Kalyn’s mom, Ronel Payne, says that Kalyn was being bullied at her previous school. “Not only did this impact her emotionally, but it also affected her schoolwork,” Ronel explains. They decided to switch to online learning to see if it would make things easier for Kalyn, and it did: “I now have a changed child at home,” Ronel says. “I have a happy child for the first time in a long time,” she adds.

Many parents feel that their kids get lost in traditional brick-and-mortar schools. This was the case for Carla, who says she made the switch because she wasn’t doing as well as she wanted to. “The Impaq Online School offered me a fresh start,” she explains.

The best of IOS

Not only did Carla get a fresh start at her new school, but she could now also enjoy the daily interactive classes. Carla says she loves connecting with her peers: “I love to participate in class conversation with the teachers and my classmates”. However, these connections are not limited to school hours, as Carla made three new best friends. “I can be myself with them,” she adds.

Ronel says that what she and Kalyn enjoy the most about the Impaq Online School is that there is no pressure around sports and extramural activities. At the Impaq Online School, learners receive a holistic education with mental wellness and physical activities included in the school timetable.

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On the other hand, Matthew says he enjoys the special events the most. The Impaq Online School hosts fun events throughout the year to encourage student participation. Matthew’s favourite is the virtual bake-off.


Learners can also join mentored social clubs, including the Impaq Online School leadership team and journalism club.

Experiencing the difference

Matthew, Kalyn and Carla say that they love learning online! When we asked what they liked most about the Impaq Online School (as opposed to a traditional school environment), they had a whole list of benefits:

  • More freedom and flexibility to embrace hobbies.
  • Great peer engagement.
  • Fun virtual events.
  • Never worry about transport.
  • No concerns about fitting in at school.
  • No more school uniforms.
  • More options when it comes to subject choices.

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A 5-star learning experience

At the Impaq Online School, our SACE-registered teachers are passionate about making a difference. Ronel says that Kalyn loves her teachers. “Kalyn is no longer afraid to send an email or speak to any of the teachers. This was a concern in normal school as Kalyn never asked questions,” Ronel explains. Matthew also says that a helping hand is always close by. “All my teachers are always ready to assist with any of my questions”, he adds. “If I could give Impaq a rating, it would have to be 5/5 stars!”. Carla agrees and says that her teachers are kind and helpful.


Strategies for online learning success

Matthews says that when he is faced with a challenge, the Impaq Online School provides him with many solutions. Here’s how he goes about it:

  • He watches educational videos on the Optimi Learning Portal (OLP).
  • He reaches out to the specific subject teacher for extra classes.
  • He asks his homeroom teacher for clarification on the issue.

Carla says it was challenging to start again with different learning methods, but she was willing to work hard and focus on understanding all her subjects. Ronel says that so far, it has been smooth sailing for Kalyn. “I love what I have seen,” Ronel says. She explains that Kalyn now understands the work and no longer complains that it is too difficult.

At the Impaq Online School, learners get additional academic support through extra classes, intervention classes, master classes, and the Grade 12 Winter School.


Thriving in the virtual classroom

Switching to the Impaq Online School has been transformative for Kalyn. Ronel notes a positive change in her personality: “She is friendlier and more excited about projects”. Achieving 80% on a task for the first time reflects her newfound dedication to academics. “Now she cares, and she puts the effort in,” Ronel adds. Carla agrees: “I have more confidence in myself now that I am able to achieve what I set my mind to”.

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Matthew, already a top achiever, credits Impaq for further academic advancement. He cheekily adds that his favourite experience at the Impaq Online School is the award ceremony.

The transformative power of online learning

Kalyn, Carla, and Matthew’s success stories show the profound impact online learning has had on not only their academic journeys but also their personal wellbeing. From newfound enthusiasm and dedication to enhanced confidence and continued academic excellence, their experiences underscore the transformative potential of online learning.


Are you ready to make the change? Click here to learn more about the Impaq Online School or contact us at

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