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From classroom to clicks: how to make the switch to online learning

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The educational landscape is evolving, with more and more South African families embracing online schooling as an alternative to traditional schools. Getting quality education from the comfort of your home has never been easier, but is online schooling the right choice for your family, and how do you make the switch to online learning? With the right approach, swapping the brick-and-mortar classroom for a virtual one can be a smooth and rewarding journey.

Structuring success: Maintaining a structured routine

Maintaining a structured routine is one of the biggest adjustments when moving to online schooling. At the Impaq Online School, we offer full-time, structured schooling with a fixed timetable for learners from Grades 4 to 12. This structure creates a stable learning environment while fostering self-discipline, which allows learners to develop strong organisational skills.

Tip: Create a dedicated learning space at home. Having a specific space for schoolwork can help learners distinguish between when it’s time to learn and when they can use their time for leisure.


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Live and interactive: Make online learning click

Unlike some online programmes, the Impaq Online School offers live, interactive classes led by qualified teachers. This allows learners to engage in real-time discussions, ask questions, and receive immediate feedback.

Tip: Encourage your child to prepare for and actively participate in their online classes. Interacting with teachers and classmates can enhance their understanding and retention of the material being covered.

Guided growth: Personalised feedback and support

Consistent feedback is essential for academic growth. At the Impaq Online School, we are dedicated to each child’s development. We ensure that learners receive regular feedback on their performance and provide personalised support to help them reach their full potential.

Tip: Review your learner’s progress reports to understand their strengths and areas for improvement. You can also contact the relevant teacher for additional resources and support to help your child stay on track.

Connect and collaborate: The social side of online learning

A common misconception about online schooling is that it’s an isolating experience. However, at the Impaq Online School, we value social interaction and collaboration – from group activities to virtual clubs and online events, learners have numerous opportunities to connect and collaborate with their peers.

Tip: The Impaq Online School is a bully-free space. Encourage your child to join in on group projects or participate in any of our exciting virtual events to help develop social skills and make their online schooling experience more fulfilling.

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Beyond academics: Building healthy habits

At the Impaq Online School, we know that physical health and emotional wellbeing are key contributors to your child’s overall development. That’s why we incorporate fitness and wellness sessions into the timetable and use the It’sOK app to ensure that learners stay active and well-balanced.


Tip: Remind your learner to take regular breaks and to make time for leisure activities. A balanced routine can improve concentration and reduce stress. The Impaq Online School counsellor is also available to all registered learners for additional support and advice.

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Tech titans: empowering learners for a digital future

Digital literacy is the cornerstone of online learning. Our focus on Information and Communications Technology (ICT) helps learners succeed in their day-to-day online learning activities and prepares them for their future careers in a technology-driven world.

Tip: The Impaq Online School provides a comprehensive induction course. Review the course with your learner to ensure that they are ready to hit the ground running! You can also find an overview of the systems we use here.

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A new way of learning: investing in your child’s future


Transitioning from traditional school to online learning can open up a world of opportunities for your child. By choosing the Impaq Online School, you’re not just embracing a new way of learning; you’re investing in your child’s future.

Make the switch today! Register online or call us on 087 405 2233.

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