Monthly Archives: December 2016

Glossy magazines keep us well-informed on keeping adult skin moisturised, cared for and looking beautiful. When it comes to our children, especially babies, looking after their skin is just as vital, if not more important. “When our children enter this world, we are armed with equipment that took much care and consideration to select. The […]

I watched a film once where the main character was completely ambidextrous – he could write a poem with one hand while drawing a picture with the other. How I would have loved to have a skill like that. So why is it that teachers push kids to choose a dominant hand? The reason teachers […]

As the December holidays loom, many of us are planning some well-earned family time. Reconnecting with loved ones often involves travelling by air and for those of us with kids, that prospect can fill us with dread. It needn’t be that way, says Shaun Pozyn, Head of Marketing at British Airways (operated by Comair), who […]

It is often the case that children cannot wait for the school holidays to start and parents for it to finish. Many a parent has wondered how their little angels turned into the Grinch who stole everyone’s Merry Christmas. Yes, grandparents who come to spoil and routines that are interrupted by vacation could be some […]

Baby bath-time, when you’re a little inexperienced, can be quite intimidating! Once you have established a routine that works for you and your baby, and of course with practise, you will find it much easier. Most important advice is to make baby bath-time the ideal opportunity to connect with your baby in a calm and […]

There is no shortage of summer camps in North America, they are even part of the culture. The concept of an American-style summer camp is still new in South Africa and thus it is important for parents to ask the right questions when choosing a camp for their kids. Parents should be searching for a […]

Babies can’t tell us whether they are comfortable or not or what they would rate as important features in a nappy, especially once they start exploring their surroundings and moving around more frequently. Movement can be as simple as rolling from side to side in their cribs or as strenuous as crawling or running from […]