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School’s out and without their usual after-school play dates, sports and activities, how are your kids going to beat the boredom and stay active? Easy, Virgin Active is introducing circus themed activities these Easter holidays. This fun holiday programme will ensure your child is both mentally and physically stimulated. The philosophy behind the successful Club-V […]

Temperament is defined as an individual’s behavioural style and characteristic way of responding. Therefore, it is how the child, adolescent or adult usually acts and consists of a variety of traits. Parents all over the world will have noticed that, if they have several children, each child is “different”. The differences are usually attributed to […]

Suicide is a devastating tragedy which is a grim reality in most parts of the world. If you suspect that your adolescent is at risk get assistance from a mental health care worker as soon as possible. There are a variety of risk factors regarding the adolescent and suicide which can include some of the […]

Unfortunately, trauma is an all too common occurrence in South Africa. Trauma has many different guises and can encompass anything from criminal occurrences (such as muggings, hi-jackings, smash and grabs, house robberies etc.), natural disasters (floods, etc.) or any other unexpected event (such as witnessing or experiencing abuse, being involved in a motor vehicle accident, […]

ADHD: The most common childhood disease ADHD is the most commonly diagnosed childhood disease and is said to affect approximately 10% of the South African population. It could be present from birth (often not recognised) or early childhood and usually persists into adulthood. It is often undiagnosed in adult, which is an unfortunate oversight, since […]

Mutual regulation refers to a communication system that allows a mother to read emotional signals from her baby and meet his or her needs, as well as allowing the baby to read his/her mother’s response. So what happens when this system breaks down? Post Natal Depression (PND), otherwise known as Postpartum Depression, is a condition […]

Claims that participating in sporting activities is detrimental for migraine patients are untrue – a new study found that participating in sporting activities actually has health benefits for migraine patients. The study, recently published in the Sports Neurology Journal ascertains that under Neurological supervision sporting activities can be safely integrated into the lives of migraine […]

Every child, just like every adult has a set of values, a hierarchy of things that are from most to least important to them. With children under 10, their highest value will usually have something to do with play, although this will differ from child to child. For example, one may like playing with dinosaurs […]

Do you fear that you’ve become the evil step-monster? It’s so easy to feel like that, especially with blended families becoming the societal norm. Telling a child what to do, especially when they are not your own, can be tricky business. Yes, children are the gifts that keep giving, but let’s not joke: they can […]

Newborn The newborn baby is typically much calmer and cries less than you would expect. Many parents are surprised that their baby does not scream at birth but rather makes quieter sounds and has a period of relative calm. Your hormones released in the birth process and the natural birth process itself results in a […]