We are often asked by moms in our classes – “When do I start to teach my toddler to cut?”   Followed by: “How do I do it? Isn’t it dangerous?”  We hope to answer some of your questions here and put your mind at ease. Cutting is a fine motor skill and hence takes […]

Picture walking along with your toddler – he stumbles and your first reaction is to pull him up by his arm to prevent any grazed knees.  However you may have caused more damage by that simple reaction. Dislocation of the elbow joint is commonly referred to as Pulled Elbow.  A baby’s bones, ligaments and joints […]

A toddler’s day to day job is to play and not to be learning the ABC’s and doing math.  Many parents today lose sight of the goal of being a child. That goal is to explore the world around them and make sense of it. Creating a sensory rich environment for your toddler will help […]