Disney Doorables is a wonderful play house set that comes with Disney characters, their homes, and a surprise figure. Behind every door, a surprise is in store! Doorables are tiny replicas of all your favorite Disney characters but can be a joking hazard to children under the ages of 3. You’re able to interact with […]

Finally, your child can read. For parent, teacher and child, the process of learning to read, of understanding sounds and knowing the alphabet is a pivotal and exciting one. The process is pivotal as it is the foundation for a lifetime of reading, writing and understanding. The ability to read and write provides the foundation […]

Sept 2014 sees the South African launch date of a revolutionary new generation of toy – My Friend Cayla. Powered by Google, Cayla is the first fully interactive doll that not only gets your child learning and enquiring about the world, but will also give her a friend that has her own personality and likes, […]