Charming perceptions of motherhood in the magazines, Mothers comforting their babies, it seems so precious, suggesting that graceful feeling that we all long for so dearly. Yes, this could be true, but what wrecks us up most in life, is the picture in our head of what it’s supposed to be. We dismiss the belief that there is such a […]

One often hears the term “dysfunctional” when talking about families. Most people would know that it means that things are not working as they should. However, little is said about what constitutes a functional family. In a nutshell a functional family is one that works well. This does not mean to imply that there are […]

When a young child throws an object, it’s a parent’s reactive response to scold the child and take that object away from him. He may then pick up another object and throw that one, pushing the adult to anger and frustration. And if he doesn’t do it again right away, his fear of the parent […]

The problem: Your child comes home from school at the end of each day, quiet and seemingly upset. He appears to be lonely, and you are saddened by this. Your heart breaks because all you want for your child is for him to be happy. It’s a pickle, because on the one hand, your child […]

The little boy was unhappy for some reason and threw himself on the floor in the grocery store, blocking the path of several customers pushing carriages. His mother grabbed him by the arm and dragged him off to the side and out of the other shoppers’ way, scolding him for the outburst. The strongest word […]

In a recent article I wrote listing 25 tips for entrepreneurs, one stood out that I thought was worth rewriting for parents who read my column. It has to do with cleaning out for the holidays and I don’t mean cleaning out the house. It’s more along the lines of cleaning out your closest circle […]

When it comes to the low down on healthy eating and weight loss, most of what we read in the media, and what is portrayed on television, is directed at adults with little attention focused on children. But what about our children and where do they stand in the battle against the bulge? Childhood obesity: The […]