MBI Attorneys, share advice on the subject of divorce and reveal this law firms unique approach. How often as parents have we all used spelling a word out as a device to prevent our children from understanding what we are talking about? The hit country and western song of the above name goes a long […]

Divorce is more often than not a dreaded life event. High emotions are involved creating conflicts which in turn interfere with the process of moving on. People find themselves stuck in a situation from which they initially wanted to move away from but the unpleasantness of dealing with a person they no longer get along […]

Parents going through a divorce/separation are mostly always concerned about what it is going to do to the children and how to minimise the impact it will have on them. If you want to minimise the negative impact of your relationship breakup on your children, you must first take care of yourself. When going onto […]

When going through a relationship breakup, the two words, “Divorce” and “Agreement”, seldom go well together. The journey to signing the Divorce Agreement is fraught with stress and emotional uncertainty and inevitably leaves one feeling like they have lost all control over their life. In reality, the only thing you have control over, is yourself. […]

PARENTS WHO LISTEN MORE AND SPEAK LESS. A child’s emotions, thoughts, and behaviour may be unstable during this difficult time. They need to be able to express how they feel without their emotions begin stuffed. Some of the things they say may be difficult for the parent to hear, so don’t dismiss or minimise what […]