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Sing loud and lalala-learn

Good morning sunshine! Are you ready to sing along with JJ and his fun-loving family and friends who live in CoComelon? JJ is the kid with a curl like an ice cream swirl and a big warm smile. He and his siblings embark on fun, relatable adventures in this brand-new show on Boomerang Africa, always ready to play, explore, and learn new things. And you will meet his family too: Yo-Yo and Tom-Tom, Mom and Dad, Grandpa and Grandma and the furriest member of the family, Bingo! They all get up bright and early every day to put on a show – just for you – so tap those toes, jump up and down, spin round and round, and come and explore the fun-filled world of CoComelon!

PREMIERE: Monday, 4 July 2022

TUNE IN: Everyday @ 06:30 CAT

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Catch up on the track with your best choo-choo chums

Thomas and his friends take on tough new tasks as they are now 8-year-old train ‘kids’ who think and solve problems just like big kids!  In this month’s new episodes, they are ready to take on any challenge that comes their way with their “I think I can” attitude. Will Thomas prove he’s the braver train, or will his plan backfire? Can Thomas & Percy find a safe way to transport their delicate cargo to the bake-off? And when a series of mistakes cause the Calliope to break on the way to the annual Beach Carnival, will the engines find a creative way to fix the problem? You’ll know the answer.

PREMIERE: Monday, 18 July 2022

TUNE IN: Everyday @ 07:05 CAT

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To the club and into a magic machine we go!

Taffy and his archenemy Bentley are back and ready for new adventures. The sly racoon (not a cat … or so he says) meets new characters like Alex (Forsythe’s nephew who is a super-smart inventor) and Miss Allperfect and her pup called Ferrari, who might just turn our beloved Bentley’s head from his mission to expose Taffy’s mischievous motives. In the new episode Collared, every pet must now wear a security collar at the Country Club. What happens when Taffy wants to steal Bentley’s collar so he’ll be teased in front of Ferrari? Don’t miss the Much More Magic episode when Alex invents a machine that makes him invisible, which Taffy finds out about and uses to create chaos. What else would you expect from our very naughty villain? Tune in to these brand-new episodes and more from 11 July on weekdays – only on Boomerang.

PREMIERE: Monday, 11 July 2022

TUNE IN: Mondays to Fridays @ 08:25 CAT

Also available on DStv Catch Up

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