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CHEESE DAY – Classic Curds

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In celebration of National Cheese Day in the USA – an event which has taken place every two years since 1914 to give people a chance to embrace the magic of cheese – Cartoonito will be sharing 15 back-to-back episodes featuring Tom & Jerry and everyone’s favourite mouse’s top snack: cheese!

For Jerry, every day is National Cheese Day – as his eyes turn to heart emojis every time he spots a block of his favourite meal. Tom has other ideas – as usual – and must do his best to thwart Jerry’s plans to chase the cheddar. Celebrate Jerry’s great love for cheese as he competes with Tom and Butch to hunt down the last few packs of Smack-‘n-Cheese Cheesy Cheese Puffs; Tom must keep Jerry away from the Lady of the House’s annual stinky cheese delivery, and the duo combine to make Swiss Cheese of the Royal Gate Manager’s holiday.

TUNE IN: Sunday, 4 June @ 10:55 CAT

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