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Review: The Magic Mat

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If you are looking for a parents guide on how to teach your child relaxation techniques combined with stunning yoga poses then this is the book for you and your child!

I have to say, this is a beautifully illustrated and written book that comes with a FREE DVD inside. The Author Carmen Clews has really put a lot of thought into this little secret. Their tag line is “A magical tool for developing happy, relaxed, loving and healthy children” and it certainly lives up to this.

What I really loved was a tool that I could use to explore my child’s imagination. While she started off with some basic breathing exercises by the time we were done she felt like a magical being on her magical mat. We explored her being a giraffe in particular; because they stand up for themselves and their loved ones… something my little girl truly battles with. She got into her pose, made herself stand tall and pictured herself handling future difficult situations.

I loved that! I loved that my child was able to picture herself as one of the animals while stretching her body at the same time. I loved that she was encouraged to explore her own emotions and reflect on solutions. It truly was a beautiful experience for us all.

I could continue writing about this book for days, however if you would like to know more then I would encourage you to read more about it at www.magicmatsecret.com

The Magic Mat and its little secret truly is a fun physical stretching and relation techniques book for

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children aged 5 to 12 years of age.

Let us know what you think and please do check back soon where you will have the opportunity to win your own copy.

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