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Recently a lot has been said about the pressures of homework and assessments especially on prep school level. Many schools have subsequently adapted their policies around homework and assessments – either ‘banning’ homework or drastically lessening the load. The question that should be asked is not whether a learner should be given homework or be […]

Children these days are expected to perform in every aspect of their lives from a very young age. Academic pressure has definitely increased and with many moms working and not always being available to help with test preparation and homework, the logical option is to appoint a tutor.  StudyChamp spoke to Tracy Hoyer, a tutor […]

“Or is this always true?” asks many a procrastinator. Most children, especially teenagers have mastered the art of procrastinating – a big word for putting off everything that seems like work and rather spending time on electronic devices. According to Tim Pychyl, a Procrastinating Researcher at Carlton University, Ottawa, Canada, it is quite simple: People […]

Start early, make a schedule, get enough exercise (and sleep!) and review past papers. These are all great tips to prepare your child for writing exams. But sadly these are most of the time only applicable in theory. As a mother of two sport-crazy boys, I’ve learnt that preparing your children for exams and assessments […]