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Quanta is your at-home physical science teacher. Top universities across the country use the Quanta Books series What makes the Quantaseries unique? The content is divided into bite-sized ‘quanta’; each quantum contains a crisp and to-the-point summary of a specific topic enriched with hints and tips, followed by an exercise containing numerous questions on the subject. The series […]

Optimi Publishing provides lesson material and books to over 150 schools. Here’s how Optimi Publishing can help you save time and money. Our books include the outcomes for each lesson. Our teacher’s guides include the annual planning for the year. Our assessments have already been moderated and can be used as is. Our lesson material allows learners to complete the work […]

Optimi Publishing is a popular service provider of CAPS-aligned tasks, tests, examination papers, and memorandums for schools across the country. These assessments are moderated for accuracy and quality and are set by qualified and registered SACE teachers. The assessments are also frequently updated to ensure that relevant content is covered. Make your teaching life a […]