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Wingu iAS Level Laboratory Kits – pioneering the way to give learners real-life experience

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After months of planning and development, Wingu Academy is proud to introduce our iAS level learners to Wingu’s own unique laboratory kits.

As per the requirements to pass Chemistry, Biology, or Physics on iAS level; learners are required to write a practical exam where they need to perform several laboratory experiments under supervision. “To ensure that our students receive the absolute best quality education from the comfort of their home or educational center, Wingu; with the assistance of specialists in the respective courses, designed unique laboratory kits that contain everything learners need to gain real-life experience working with laboratory equipment,” says Ian Strydom, Managing Director of Wingu Academy.

All the kits are designed with the safety of learners in mind, without impeding on the skills they require to pass their final practical exam. Under the guidance of our Lab Masters the learners will explore the exciting practical world, having fun while learning as is synonymous with Wingu. 

In Biology the learners will explore the tiny world of plant and animal materials through their very own microscope; learn how to identify different biological molecules and discover the wondrous mechanisms of enzymes.

Our Physics kits will transform our learners into real life physicists by teaching them how to use the scientific method to control electrons through building electric circuits and how to bend forces to their will using springs.

But the most exciting kit of all is our one-of-a-kind Chemistry kit. This kit will have learners feeling like mad scientists, giving them the opportunity to experience chemical reactions firsthand in their own miniature laboratory. With the guidance of our skilled Lab Master, the learners will learn how to perform titrations; identify specific chemical molecules and what the effect of temperature is on the rate of a chemical reaction, and a whole lot more.

Our first practical sessions started in February, and we are super excited to hear the feedback from our young scientists!

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  • Anonymous April 26, 2022 at 11:49 am

    My child just loves science! This is such a great passion for any child to have. I really like how you are introducing learners to science from any early age.


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